Illness and other crisis

Neil, our Minister, regularly visits hospitals in East Lothian and Edinburgh.  If you would like him to pop in and see you or someone in your family, please let him know.

All kinds of crisis crop up in life:

  • family ones – relationship difficulties, children struggling, parents becoming frail etc
  • money problem – debt, redundancy etc
  • work issues

Sometimes we don’t know where to turn.  We need someone to listen, someone who can help us untangle the stuff in our heads, someone who can direct us to specialists who can give us expert help.

In some ways a Minister is a jack of all trades. In his more than 25 years in ministry Neil has come across a huge range of people, facing a variety of situations. He is more than happy to listen to you and offer support.  Sometimes that is all people need.  Other times speaking to him helps people work out that they need more specialist help.  So if you think he might be able to help, please get in touch.

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