Stages of Life

St Andrew Blackadder, like all congregations in the Church of Scotland, is a Parish Church.  That means that it exists not simply for the benefit of those who come to church, but for everyone who lives within the town.  Our Minister, Neil Dougall, is ready to respond to anyone from the town who approaches him.  So whether you are a Church Member or not, if you think the Church might be able to help or support you, please get in touch through the Church Office.

This section of the website shows how the Church, its members and the minister can help during various stages of life. As you progress through life, you may encounter problems at any stage, and the pages listed here discuss some of the issues that you might encounter at critical stages.

Birth discusses how the Church can support you during what for most people is a happy stage

Marriage is another happy time, but can present its own problems as married life progresses

Death is inevitable, but the Church has a long experience in helping people to come to terms with death

Illness and Crisis can strike at any time. The Church can help the sick and the suffering as well as those who have to provide support and care

Exploring Faith shows how coming to faith in Christ can help at any stage of life

Becoming a Member builds on exploring faith for those ready to become a member of the Church

A Pastoral Team is in place to help the Minister provide the help and care at all stages of our life

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