The Easter Prayer Labyrinth

This Easter, we are laying out a Prayer Labyrinth in the garden on the west side of the Church. this and associated pages explain what a Prayer Labyrinth is and makes suggestions on how to use it in the Church Garden or at home.

Labyrinth Image

What is a labyrinth?

 A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that represents wholeness. The oldest known labyrinths ate thousands of years old. They are found all over the world in many designs.  It is a winding path along which you might walk, run, crawl, skip or otherwise move. Walking a labyrinth can serve a variety of purposes. Ultimately, the labyrinth can be seen as a purposeful path that leads to a journey of self-discovery.

Is a labyrinth a maze?

 When people hear of a labyrinth they may think of a maze. A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze has paths and possibilities for wrong turns - designed to confuse you.

Labyrinths were designed to help people find their way – if you follow the path of a labyrinth, you will find the centre.

Walking a labyrinth can often calm us in the midst of trouble

It can help us see life as a journey

Some people say they find comfort and peace when they walk a labyrinth

How do I use the prayer labyrinth?

The great gift of the labyrinth is that you don’t have to do anything in a particular way.

If you can visit the Church Garden, you can walk the labyrinth. Click here to see a suggestion for use of the labyrinth if you are walking

If you are unable to visit the Church Garden, you can "finger walk" the labyrinth. Click here  for a suggestion of how you can follow the labyrinth in your own home.

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