There are a number of roles in the Audio Visual Team. Some of the roles are performed in what we like to call the Audio Visual Suite which is located at the back of the Church. Some take place before and during the services, and two important roles are performed after the service.

At every service (including special services such as funerals, public meetings and school services) a sound operator is required to set up and maintain the equipment and to ensure that everyone can hear the service including those with hearing impairment and rely on the Loop system which is installed in the Sanctuary. (Loop systems are also installed in the Chapel and the Hall)
We project the hymns, readings and images at the Worship for All Ages service at 10:30 on a Sunday morning, and occasionally on other occasions, including funerals. The projectionist receives the Order of Service during the week before the service, and sets up the software before operating it during the service. The projectionist works with the Minister to ensure that words and images from computers at the back and the front of the Church are coordinated.
The camera operator captures the service (usually the Worship for All Ages service at 10:30, but occasionally for other services. The images are saved and passed to another member of the Audio Visual team to prepare DVDs for folk who are unable to get to Church to watch at home.
A number of members and friends who are unable to get to Church like to feel included by watching the whole service at home, and a member of the Audio Visual team will prepare DVDs for distribution each Sunday. For copyright and privacy reasons, the whole service cannot be shown on the Church website, but the sermon is uploaded and is watched by a large number of people both at home and abroad. 
A member of the team prepares audio CDs for folk who wish to listen to the service at home but are unable to watch a DVD.
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