Social Media


 In addition to this website, the Church has a Facebook page which is used primarily to display a monthly message from our minister, the Rev Dr Neil Dougall. However, there are occasional posts from various other groups in and associated with the Church. We would like to expand this team and reach out to Facebook users to let them know about our vibrant and active Church.

All that is required is access to a computer and a familiarity with using Facebook We are sure that there are plenty of members  who meet those criteria!

Talk to Liz Martin about joining this team

 The Webpage

You are looking at the web page, so you already know something about it.

We aim to keep members informed through a calendar, rotas, copies of the monthly magazine Kaleidoscope and other information about the Church and its members.

We also aim to spread the word by posting a monthly message from our minister, displaying weekly sermons in audio and video and other information which helps to keep non members informed. We already know that the sermons are followed by people throughout the world, and are used by at leat one other Church in Scotland which is currently without a minister.

This role requires rather more familiarity with computer technology, although perhaps not quite as much as might be expected. We use a Customer Management System called Joomla! which simplifies much of the effort, although a knowlege of html would be useful.

Talk to Douglas Shiell if you are interested in finding out more.

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