Midweek Teams

You might assume that the biggest opportunity for volunteering is on Sunday, but there is plenty of opportunity during the week.  Some of these teams are a bit more relaxed, ut are equally important to the life of the Church.

Beacon teams
The Beacon has been running for many years and is, as it name implies, is a Beacon for people who like a simple meal (a soup, sandwich, cake and coffee) and a chat each Thursday. There is a kitchen team who prepare, serve and clear up after the meal, a team who prepare the soup and cakes at home and bring it along to the Church, and a team which is integral to the Beacon experience that runs a simple lunchtime service in the Chapel.
Open Door team
 We open the Church every day for visitors who want to see the Church or who want to take advantage of the Sanctuary that the Church offers. The Open Door team welcome midweek visitors, provide them with information, comfort and advice.
Gardening team
There is a small garden to the back and east of the Church. The gardening team tend it, cut the grass and plant new shrubs and flowers when necessary.
Magazine team
The Church magazine, Kaleidoscope, is produced ten times a year, and the magazine team distribute it to those recipients who cannot get out very easily. This team provides a valuable pastoral role.
Social Media teams
 The Church has a Facebook page and a web page, each maintained by a small team of members working at home.
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