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We are able to achieve all we do here at St Andrew Blackadder church because of our many wonderful  volunteers who give their time and energy to serve the purposes of God. We want to help you find an area you are passionate about where you can get involved and build friendships. Serving is a great way to belong!

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved with a team here at St. Andrew Blackadder Church.

Take a look at the opportunities to find anything that interests you and either seek out the people to talk to or contact Julie in the Church Office and we will get back to you.

Click on the "Join a Team" menu tab to see more details of each team, including what is involved and the people who can tell you more, but note that this section is still "work in progress" and will be updated over the next few days


Why  do we do this?

Because we love Jesus and want everyone else to have the chance to find out how amazing He is, in a fun atmosphere where everyone can play, create, worship and eat together.  

Who do I talk to?

The teams have different leaders, so check the team pages to see who to talk to for each team. However, Julie in the Church Office will be happy to talk to you about what we are looking for and put you in touch with the appropriate leader.


Sunday Services

There are teams who ensure that the Sunday Services run smoothly and that the congregation can get the fullest benefit from attending Church at St Andrew Blackadder Church; these teams include:

The welcome team
Team members man the doors, welcome members and visitors, and provide safety and security support
The Audio Visual team
Team members control the sound and the "loop" for the hard of hearing, project the hymns, readings and images on the wall, capture video and audio input from the service and make audio CDs and video DVDs for those that cannot get to Church regularly. They also maintain the website and post a video of the sermon each week.
Young people's teams
There are four teams working with children and young adults:
  1. The creche team look after the very youngest in a secure toy filled room
  2. The KLASH team teach pre school to P4 children
  3. The TRASH team look after P5 and P6 children
  4. The Youth Fellowship team which comprises S1 to S6 young people
The Music team
Instrumentalists, including organists, pianists, guitarists and flautists (and others) together with a small choir make up the music team who provide support for the hymn singing and during the Offering.
The Bible Reading team
It is our policy that the Bible is read by members of the congregation
The Flower team
Flowers are an essential part of the service, and the team source and arrange them not just for the Sunday service but also to decorate the Church for visitors during the week
The Coffee team
No Sunday service would be complete without a cup of coffee, a biscuit and a chat, and the Coffee team prepare drinks for after both services (9:30 and 10:30) on a Sunday morning

Messy Church teams

Messy Church happens on the first Sunday of the month in our church – you can’t have missed the signs as you come into town. It doesn’t just happen in North Berwick though.

Messy Church looks and feels very different from Sunday morning church. Its DNA is made up of four elements: hospitality, creativity, all age and celebration. The four combine in different ways in each different place. So no two are the same.  We have four teams to provide these elements to run Messy Church each month.

The teams are:

Messy Worship team
As its name implies, Messy Church includes a half hour segment of informal worship in the sanctuary before the meal. Click here to see what the Messy Worship team does
Messy craft team
This team prepares the craft sessions, and works with children to develop their craft skills. Click here to learn more about the Messy Craft team.
Messy kitchen team
The kitchen team prepare a meal to be shared by the teams and the children and their parents who attend Messy Church. We don't mean that the team leave the kitchen messy... the Messy Angels wouldn't like that! Click here to learn more about the Messy Kitchen team.
Messy Angels team
We know that not everyone is comfortable doing craft or teaching, or even cooking, but there is a need for the unsung heros (we call them Messy Angels) who are prepared to beaver away in the background, doing the washing up, tidying, vacuuming, moving the the furniture and all the jobs which are needed to support the "front line" folk working directly with the children and adults who come to Messy Church. Click here to learn more about the Messy Angels team.


This section is still being developed

Midweek teams include:

The Beacon teams
The Open door team
The Gardening team
The Magazine Distribution team
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