What is an Oasis?

You probably picture an oasis as a place of safety and refuge in the midst of the inhospitable environment of a desert. But we have our own oasis here in St Andrew Blackadder.

Each Tuesday we open the hall to adults experiencing difficulty with drug and alcohol addiction. It is a place of safety and refuge in the inhospitable environment of North Berwick.

To most of us, North Berwick is not inhospitable. But try, if you can, to put yourself in the place of someone facing the challenges that go with drug and alcohol addiction. Add in the sort of life experiences that often go hand-in-hand with addiction, and you will see a very different North Berwick.

Our Oasis is a friendly & informal social group. A light lunch of soup and sandwiches is provided along with tea, coffee, chat and social activities.

Oasis is a partnership between St Andrew Blackadder Church, Community Learning and Development, Mid & East Lothian Drugs, NHS and Stepping Out. We have been delighted to get support from the Beacon teams in providing the lunches, and have recently received a grant from North Berwick Community Council to arrange a few outings. We know from the feedback the members have provided that our Oasis has made a difference in the chaos of their lives, and has offered a place of safety and refuge. Please pray for the continuation of this work.

For more information about Oasis or for more information about drug and alcohol support, please contact the Minister or Church Office or one of the organisations listed above.

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