August 2017: Sunday and Monday


Sunday and Monday can belong to different universes. On Sunday we gather for worship. We read the Bible and God seems very real. On Monday we return to the ‘real’ world where God feels distant, if not completely absent. Sometimes it seems as though they are parallel universes. Like the two lines of a railway track they are so close to one another, but they never meet.

For the next three months in St Andrew Blackadder we are going to talk about making sure these two lines connect.  This is where the image of the railway track stops being helpful.  For a train it is essential that the two lines never connect.  For a Christian the opposite is the case. It is essential that Sunday and Monday do connect.

To help us we are going to use a couple of resources on alternate Sundays.

Being Disciples is a pocket size book by Rowan Williams, (formerly Archbishop of Canterbury).  Jesus calls his followers disciples. The root of disciple is someone who learns. A disciple is someone who is learning what it means to follow Jesus and live his way.  Being Disciples is a short but profound book, which explores what it means to follow Jesus, not just on Sundays, but seven days a week.  It will be on sale at church after morning worship. It has six chapters. We will look at one them every second week.

Whole Life Worship is a resource from LICC (who produced Fruitfulness on the Frontline).  It helps us make the connection between what we do in church on Sunday and life at the school gate, the office, the sports-club and the community group during the week.  It has five Sunday service plans and Home Group outlines and we will look at them on alternate Sundays.

Please join me in praying that God will help us integrate our life and our worship, and bridge the gap between Sunday and Monday.

Picture: Synesthesia: Days of the Week, by Kelley, reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

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